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My name is Lucy Pearce. I am an author of four books, publisher at Womancraft Publishing, a vibrant artist of the lost feminine, red tent leader, creative mentor and teacher of transformational women’s workshops. I am also the mama of three young children, who keep me grounded! I live and work in Co. Cork, Ireland.

I began my writing career as a freelancer, writing about women’s health, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, birth and mothering. My path has led me between the fields of science and spirituality, academic and intuitive knowledge as both a student and teacher, and I embrace all these facets in my own work. I consciously straddle the ground between the alternative and mainstream, bringing the best of both together in my teaching and writing. My intention is the support the empowerment and embodiment of women.

Women’s words and women’s circles have been the main crucible of my own personal growth and it is through them I offer my work and service to women.

I trained as a Birthing From Within Mentor with Pam England, its founder, five years ago, and feel a deep soul calling to women’s work, but especially celebrating women’s rites of passage using creativity to fully engage with our body’s processes.

I look forward to engaging with you – through my words and heart.

Blessings to you on your journey.

Lucy x

For more of my work please see:

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Contact me: lucy@thehappywomb.com


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  1. michelle callaghan

    Love your heartfelt words of feminine empowerment,they really resonate for me ,and my journey,thank you.

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