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A woman in her power

What does a woman in her power look like? She is a rare creature indeed. We women are neither taught, nor encouraged to stand in our power in our culture. Or if we do, then it is to stand in a masculine defintion of power – high grades, high powered job, high earning, physical strength…Continue Reading

Woman-Song at Full Moon: Power

I feel the woman power rising. Can you? Women putting on their glory clothes. Painting their faces, adorning their bodies in gleeful anticipation. The time is now, they feel it, they smell it, they sense it… the time they have been waiting for. Hands join around the sacred fire. Faces flushed in the flickering light.Continue Reading

TO THE POWER OF YOU: A transformational workshop for everywoman

TO THE POWER OF YOU A transformational workshop for everywoman Sunday 15th April, 10.30am-4.30pm Dervish, 50, Cornmarket Street, Cork City We as Women are on the edge of a choice: Do we step into a part of ourselves that we may have never explored, but which we know is strong & powerful & ever present?Continue Reading

Celebrating V-Day

Today is V- Day. Valentines Day. Perhaps you have been the recipient of hearts and flowers? Have you ever thought about why hearts and flowers? What might you have that is pink or red with petals? What else is heart shaped – uh-huh! “The shape we call a heart – whose symmetry resembles the vulvaContinue Reading

Becoming a woman

I remember the first time someone called me a woman. It was my first boyfriend. I was 16. He was being polite. But I knew I wasn’t. Sure I had the woman’s body, but I was a girl inside. I had my first child at 25. I still felt a girl inside. Though the actContinue Reading

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