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A Point of Balance in the Process of Cosmic Birth

Today is lunar equinox. A point of balance in the process of cosmic birth. The transition point between the heat of summer and chill of winter. Between our outgoing selves and inward selves. For me it feels like the point of transition I remember from birth. It can be a place of discomfort. Of reliefContinue Reading

TO THE POWER OF YOU: A transformational workshop for everywoman

TO THE POWER OF YOU A transformational workshop for everywoman Sunday 15th April, 10.30am-4.30pm Dervish, 50, Cornmarket Street, Cork City We as Women are on the edge of a choice: Do we step into a part of ourselves that we may have never explored, but which we know is strong & powerful & ever present?Continue Reading

Becoming a woman

I remember the first time someone called me a woman. It was my first boyfriend. I was 16. He was being polite. But I knew I wasn’t. Sure I had the woman’s body, but I was a girl inside. I had my first child at 25. I still felt a girl inside. Though the actContinue Reading

I Sit Listening to the Wind

Have you ever had the experience of reading a book at “the wrong time”. You put it aside, untouched by its message. Then a few years later, by chance, you pick it up again and it literally sings off the pages to your soul. This just happened to me today. Judith Duerk’s first book CircleContinue Reading

Who I am… and why I do what I do…

I am a visionary, and imaginer, a whisperer, a maven, a witch, and wonderer, a dreamer of better things and exciting projects I want to give inspiration and ideas to help to paint the future in brighter colours and to wrap women in a cloak of self acceptance and glory, to communicate with the higherContinue Reading

Woman Craft

Being a woman is not an illness/ diseaseĀ (though many doctors have acted as though it is) Being a woman is not a crime/sin (though many cultures and religions have acted as though it is) Being a woman is an art/ craft (though we often do not act as though it is) Being a woman mayContinue Reading

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