Poem: To my daughter

You gave ground to my longing,

balance to my hope.

You smoothed out all the spaces

that made me doubt

and wish for something different.

You gave me belief

in myself

and of a higher power.

You gave me the strength,

the courage,

and the will to carry on.


I waited for you for so long

lessons broke through the sidelines

and I learned that gifts are granted

when they are also received.


Guest post courtesy of Ida Koller. 

Ida lives with her two young daughters and husband in a small mid-coast Maine town.  In college she decided all she wanted to do in life was to write and have babies, and thus far she’s loving it all. Ida can be found at http//:onceuponatime-ida.blogspot.com  or  http//:stellas-star.blogspot.com .


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