Women’s Day Prayer


For women who are facing political or cultural oppression, blessed be your voices, and your courage to break the silence.

For women who are struggling with weight and body issues, may you be filled full of love and acceptance.

For women experiencing violence or abuse, may you find courage and safety.

For women who are struggling to conceive, may you find love and fulfilment.

For women who are struggling with motherhood, cherish yourselves as dearly as you cherish your children.

For women who are seeking their path in life: look within, dear sisters, and follow your hearts.

The world is a more blessed place because you are here, dear woman.

Blessings to you this women’s day. Blessings to you every day.

Lucy x

Words and art by me, Lucy Pearce.


Womb blessing details from Miranda Gray

On the 8th March, International Women’s Day, it will be a month since the first Womb Blessing.

I feel in my heart connected to everyone who took part and on the 8th March Full Moon I would like to share goddess energy with everyone. I know many of you feel the same way so on the 8th please use the Womb Blessing meditations to connect with the Divine Feminine and to share her energy and presence with all women on this special day. We are a web of women around the world, holding hands and embracing the Earth with our hearts. With every footstep we take on this day, with every touch or hug, and every smile and word of kindness, we embody and share her Love.

After the Womb Blessing I received many questions and so I have created a new website containing the invitation, pre-registration and some answers: www.wombblessing.com.


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