Connecting to yourself

How are you feeling?

Right now, dear one. How is your inner world?

Take a moment to check in with yourself…

How is your breathing? Is it low in your belly or high in your chest?

Wriggle your toes and really root your feet into the earth. Pull your spine up, relax your shoulders and breath into your belly. Feel your power centre – how is it? Are you fully charged – or running on empty?

Where are you in your cycle, dear one? Do you know?

Do you want to feel more connected to yourself, to your body? To feel less at sea? But you don’t know how…

Are you struggling with mood swings, with cramps and headaches, with bloating and sore breasts? Are you tearful or angry for no reason?

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32 pages of loving, natural resources to help you to heal and find balance. With love from me to you – helping you stay connected to yourself.

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