Celebrating the feminine – linky love


I have read some top posts on the various aspects of celebrating feminine this past week which I want to share with you.
It seems that women around the world are feeling a rise in the energy of the feminine – a rise in their power, in sensuality, in their need to claim the erotic, the dark, the forbidden. 

Women are sensing a rebirth of what has been confined to silence and shadows for centuries.

It is truly an exciting time to be a woman – to witness the feminine rising – to hear the voices of those who are speaking her truths, seeing the beauty of women embodying their deepest knowing and raising their voices.

Please do share posts and videos which have spoken to you. Let us curate a collection of the feminine together – to lift, inspire and empower us all.

  • Loving Julie Daley of Unabashedly Female described by Bridget Pilloud of Intuitive Bridge as “the holy wisdom bearer.  She is one of those people who is directly, deeply connected to the Divine and to collective consciousness.”  three of my current faves are In the Arc of Orgasm, a post on Reclaiming the Erotic on her own blog, and Being Unabashedly who you are on Productively Flourishing, from which I share a quote:

As we began to explore the question of what gets in the way of the students being fully and wholly creative, one woman spoke up about having to ‘translate’ at work. I asked her to explain. She began to talk about how she had to translate her own feminine language into language that would be ‘acceptable’ in the corporate environment. As she told her story, suddenly the other women began to nod. And then they began to say, “Me, too”. They looked at each other with wide-open eyes, beginning to understand that they weren’t alone. […]

Why do women have to translate? Because the system has been created to honor masculine ways of being, while at the same time holding feminine ways of being as anything from silly to sinful. “

“The birthing of the feminine in all her glorious forms and expressions is upon us.

She does not seek domination over the masculine.

Nor does she wish to be masculine.

She is ready to take her seat.”