Enter the goddess

The Queen of my Heart – Lucy Pearce

The goddess has entered my life.

After years of reading about her and rejecting “her” as a false replacement for the already rejected male god of my childhood. She was represented in paintings of maidens with flowing hair, in lumpen statues hewn out of rock. I saw them and I did not connect. All I saw was women hungering to see the divine made in their own image. Women yearning for a world filled with light and love and fairy dust. Women trying to boost their self confidence by calling themselves goddesses or deluded women who needed attention and love from somewhere…

And I’m sure that all these facets are out there. But I also know that she is a very real, felt sense of the inner divine: the sensual female snake-like life force. She is found in all of nature, in beauty and love and sensuality wherever they reside. She is sensuality, fluidity, sisterhood, spiralling, circling, juiciness, creativity, roundedness, empowered surrender, adornment, dancing, sexuality, opening…

It seems like, whether by coincidence or design, the routes to the goddess have been scorned, erased, made taboo, illegal or unreachable, by religions and cultures alike. Sensuality, women spending time together, adornment, erotic pleasure, natural birth, the creative arts – all these and many more ways to the goddess have been dammed, blocked, amputated from our culture and our individual lives.We have been taught not to trust our bodies, or other women. We have learnt to be scared of our sexuality, to shy away from sensuality. To limit our creativity.

Yet we have within ourselves the apparatus for experiencing the divine. For co creating with her. We can dance with the goddess, make love embodying her. Breathe her in, feel her sensuality pumping through our veins, to feel her in colors, taste her in visions. Tingle with the experience of knowing that she imbues everything.

None of this seems profound to read back. I have read it many places before. I have known it in my head. But to experience the goddess in everything, to feel the shakti rise in an electrifying full body sensual “awakening” is to KNOW.

It seems so obvious now. As all life transforming realisations are. I share it because I know there are some of you who already have the goddess in your life. Who say, hurray, you’ve “got it”! And there are many others who were me who say goddess mumbo jumbo.

To you I say, I hope, one day, some way, you will find her in yourself.


1 thought on “Enter the goddess

  1. Suzanne Thomas

    exactly!!! the Goddess is not fluffy, she is the grandmother toad, the scavenger reaping the spoils of the freshly cut haymeadow to feed her young. she is a driving force, the female force, the lioness guarding her cubs, the huntress providing for her clan. She is everywhere and she is wonderful.. and i had many years of noooooo! she is not the whimsical avalonian depiction of a slim woman with long flowing hair, and shapely breasts, she is (if she has a human form) mud covered and earthy, her stretch marks painted with the colours of her children, she is the rhythm of a heartbeat she is pain and anger, she is tears and anguish. to me she is the aspects of womanhood, because the womanhood is Goddess.

    oops that slipped out! :))


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