A Point of Balance in the Process of Cosmic Birth

Today is lunar equinox.

A point of balance in the process of cosmic birth. The transition point between the heat of summer and chill of winter. Between our outgoing selves and inward selves.

For me it feels like the point of transition I remember from birth. It can be a place of discomfort. Of relief or terror. It is a point of deep connection, vulnerability, creativity and a place from which we can enter a different stage of consciousness, to make choices about how the next part of the journey will go.

My dearest soul sister is in the middle of her 24 hour performance of her birth journey as I write. Her MA performance piece, she is going back to her birth space, mindfully, reliving and healing, creating a mandala of sand to commemorate her journey. With sound, movement, colour, stillness she is literally dancing birth, drawing birth, living birth. I hold her in my heart.

Tomorrow I am leading a motherblessing at my women’s group for one of our dear members. Where we will hold another woman and her journey to vulnerability and rebirth in our arms and our hearts.

Two of my books are coming into their transition phase – transitioning from private documents in their gestation and creation in my mind and heart and computer screen and starting their journey out into the world of readers.

I find myself in a liminal place. Not wanting to be in the world of busyness and noise and socialising, but called to be here.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud – The Red Key

Shiloh Sophia McCloud, the visionary artist and sacred women’s worker is starting a new course today. It is calling to me – having loved a previous course with her over the summer, I think I will dive in – it promises painting, poetry and women’s connection… (I have no affiliation with her.)

Where are you at, dearest one?

At this point of balance, where do you find yourself? In the midst of these strong energies which are swirling round our planet, catching us all in their spirit of transformation – where are you?

Can you take a moment and breathe? Find a point of balance and just be. Let the world keep turning. Your thoughts keep swirling. What dreams are calling you? What longs to be born? What needs to die?

Breathe and do that!

It is through vulnerability, through conscious rebirth that we find ourselves more clearly and deeply. But crossing the threshold takes courage. Stepping from the lightness into the dark, we are called to have faith – to walk forward in the dance of co-creation even though we cannot see the way.

Go well dear sisters.



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