The Feminine Breath

“The feminine is the in-breath, the internal tide of intuition and inspiration that shapes and influences the out-breath, or masculine form. When balanced, the feminine and masculine result in creative abundance, and the forms that arise from this balance are both productive and sustainable.”

Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit and Joy in the Female Body – Tami Lynn Kent

Feminine Breath

Reading this passage, I realised that I live in the out-breath.

I often suffer with migraines. And panic attacks. Both of which are brought on by my living in the out-breath, losing connection with my body, with the feminine. I am not the only one – the whole world, pretty much, is living in the out-breath, living dis-embodied lives from our heads. We are filling our days with endless doing. Filling our world with carbon dioxide, the out-breath.

This quotation is a reminder to me, to you, to all of us, to breathe in.

May teachers of different disciplines from yoga to childbirth preparation to meditation have used breathing as an aid to practicing mindfulness. But without exception, they focused on the out-breath.

When we focus on the in-breath we have to stop. It takes us inwards by default. So for the next few breaths, just focus on the sensation of the in-breath. Follow it into your body. Follow it down. Can you feel the softness of your body opening up as the air passes in. The yielding, opening, vulnerable, strong body which is yours. How far can you follow it? Do you feel your breasts rise? Does it go into your belly. Can you take that feeling down into your womb, your vagina?

What if, every time you felt tired, every time you felt disconnected, you brought yourself back to your feminine breath. No bells or candles or altars needed. No darkened rooms. Just the instantly available path of your feminine breath, taking you inwards. Inspiring you to being once more.


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