A Book is Born

As regular readers will know my passion in this life is in connecting and sharing women’s voices and creating space for truth to be spoken. So I am so excited to be facilitating this in the launch of my new book, The Rainbow Way, which you can buy from me here.

We have a four week extravaganza of over 120 posts from around the world speaking the truth about women’s creativity, their dreams, realisations and lived experiences.

What a diverse, beautiful and inspiring group of creative mothers have gathered to share their voices: I feel so deeply honoured. It is like a virtual flowering of the vision of the book. As is the private Facebook group  which is also coming alive… (the first 200 customers who purchase the book via me gain access to this.) It is more incredible than I could have dreamed. All this time I have been writing a book, quietly alone. And then woooomph… it comes to life in so many different ways!

The Carnival of Creative Mothers kicks off today on the theme of Nurturing a Culture of Creativity.

Find out more about the online launch!
Future weeks include:
 November 27th: Creative Heroines
December 4th: Creative Inheritance
December 11th: The Creative Process.