Happy Day! Big Gratitude!

Happy Day dearest women!

Today I want to celebrate with you and thank you for all your support. Thanks to you my books are sitting on bookshelves around the world, in countries I have never even visited. My work is (apparently) being discussed on forum message boards in glowing terms. My books have been spotted on a display in the largest bookstore in our city. Some of my absolute heroines have given it a shout out on their blogs and social media.

I am so, so, so touched and honoured. It really feels like these couple of years of immense hard, hard work are coming to fruition. Which is wonderful for me, a real thumbs up from the Universe that I have been on the right track… and it is doubly exciting, because I know that my work is now out there doing what I have dreamed of – supporting women and helping them grow and glow.

Last month I had the biggest month in my career as a writer in every way.

And so I want to thank you by giving you 25% off all my books today.

Please use the code RAINBOW 25 to avail of this offer.