So Long Happy Womb

Part of the cycle of creativity is death. A vital part of the process is letting go of the old.

The time has come for me to let go of The Happy Womb and my sister blog, Dreaming Aloud – to take the medicine of Burning Woman and release the old to make way for the new.

This space will stay for the time being, as a resource.

I can feel a new surge of creativity breaching with the imminent birth of my next book Burning Woman – I need a space on the internet that I can bring THAT voice, that energy, that creativity, that power to. A place that can hold and reflect me as I am now. That can integrate the energy I have brought to Dreaming Aloud and The Happy Womb… and move beyond them too.

That is still emerging for me.

This is the end… of this chapter, perhaps this book. Who knows how it will all play out. Each death takes courage that new life lies ahead.

New incarnations call my name – perhaps they will call to you, perhaps they won’t.

I’ll call you to let you know I’ve safely arrived. I’ll let you know the lay of the land… Perhaps I’ll see you on the other side?

Thank you for travelling this far with me.

You can continue to stay connected over on and via Womancraft Publishing



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