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LucyMoonTimeWelcome dear one. I’m so glad you could join me in this space.

My name is Lucy H. Pearce, I am the author of five life-changing non-fiction books for women:

  • Burning Woman –  an incendiary text on women and power – for women who burn with passion, have been burned with shame, and who at another time, in another place, would have been burned at the stake.
    • The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood was a #1 bestseller on Amazon in the UK and US. It features the voices of over 50 creative mothers including: Jennifer Louden, Pam England and Leonie Dawson and has been credited with saving lives and starting creative businesses.
    • Moon Time: harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle, is the #1 best-selling book in its field on Amazon, and has been acclaimed by women around the world as “life-changing”. Currently being translated into Spanish.
    • The girl’s version Reaching for the Moon is a soulful guide to the menstrual cycle for girls aged 9-14 much loved by mothers and daughters around the world. It will be available in French, Spanish, Dutch and Polish by the end of 2016.
    • Moods of Motherhood is a journey through the diverse emotional weather of motherhood that speaks the unspeakable straight to the heart.

The former contributing editor at JUNO magazine, I am the founder of Womancraft Publishing, which publishes life-changing, paradigm-shifting books by women, for women.

For the past decade I have been a teacher, a facilitator, an editor of other women’s work, a freelance writer and a creative… my work seems to circle around the same themes: moons, women’s circles, sexuality, birth, pregnancy, menstruation, creativity, motherhood, natural health, women’s empowerment, cultural change…This is my passion. This is my joy. This is what I do every day in my own life. This is what I do in my community. This is what I do with my friends.

But I struggled to find a way to combine these themes… and then, it suddenly came to me… The Happy Womb. Their uniting factor is the womb.

The Happy Womb will comprise multi-media resources on womanhood: a blog, articles, inspiring quotes, creative work, books, courses – both my own and other women’s from so many different fields and backgrounds. This will be a womb of feminine knowledge and wisdom to nourish you in your growth as a woman.

I am so glad you could join me. Thanks to the wonders of the internet. Soak up the wisdom, love and support of thousands of women around the globe who are dedicated to learning more about who they are, how they function, and living the most beautiful life they can, in their own image.

The Happy Womb is commited to being

– a welcoming safe haven for all women

– a place to learn more about our multi layered selves: biological, emotional, spiritual

– feelgood without being flimsy

– helping you to be your self more fully … without being self help-y

– scientific and spiritual – yes it is possible!

– a place where there is no such thing as taboo.

Please join me over at my personal blog Dreaming Aloud where I blog on living philosophy and creativity.


Contact me: lucy@thehappywomb.com



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  1. michelle callaghan

    Love your heartfelt words of feminine empowerment,they really resonate for me ,and my journey,thank you.

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