LucyMoonTimeWelcome dear woman.

I’m so glad you could join me in this space.

The Happy Womb is a repository of feminine knowledge and wisdom to nourish you in your growth as a woman: body, mind and spirit.

For the past few years I have been a teacher, a facilitator, an editor of other women’s work, a freelance writer and a creative. My work seemed to circle continuously around what I learned to call Woman-craft:

Women’s bodies, emotions, sexuality, spirituality, creativity, healing, through the portals of birth, pregnancy, menstruation, motherhood. Celebrating and sharing tools for building a strong women’s culture, women’s circles, women’s wisdom,red tents, our wildish nature. Work which will lead inevitably to a sustainable, healthy, beautiful, creative, compassionate, accepting culture…one empowered woman at a time.

This is my passion. This is my joy. This is what I do every day in my own life. This is what I do with my friends. This is what I do in my community. This is what I now share with you. Authentically and with love.

I am not about the hard-sell or quick fixes. I am about supporting you on your journey of discovery, offering tools and insights that have been helpful to myself and other women – from the heart.

So dive in, dearest woman, there are words galore: blog posts, articles, and my books. There is a library of wonderful free resources to nourish you including audios, videos and visualisations. In time there will be courses too! And there is a beautiful virtual community of like-minded women over on our Facebook page.

Discover women around the globe who are dedicated to learning more about who they are, how they function, and living the most beautiful life they can.

Please do join me over at my personal blog Dreaming Aloud where I blog on living philosophy and creativity all with a dose of beautiful reality.

Power to you on your journey, dearest one.