Supporting women’s business

One of my intentions with both The Happy Womb and my personal blog, Dreaming Aloud, is to celebrate, share and support women’s creativity and business.

I cannot stress how important I think it is to empower women through business. It gives women financial independence, family friendly working options, a creative outlet, a boost of courage and vision, and a stakehold in our culture, as well as providing goods and services from smaller producers, usually crafted with love.

I proudly support women in business by:

  • Stocking products designed and created by other women.
  • Creating products to support my customer’s creativity and courage, and actively mentoring women starting out in business.
  • Donating a percentage of my profits to women’s creative business – Happy Womb readers have helped to fund two films – Things We Don’t Talk About: Narratives from the Red Tent and Freedom to Birth.
  • Linking to other women’s businesses.
  • Giving guest post status to other women in business to share their message with my audience.
  • Using a percentage of my profits to support my own women’s work on the ground, which at present is the establishment of a Red Tent.
  • Spending the proceeds from my work consciously to support women’s businesses through my own lifestyle choices  – buying handmade clothes from Etsy, food from local producers, books by women, gifts from women’s co operatives, taking classes by women.

Please do email me if you have a business you would like to share with our readers, to advertise, share an affiliate scheme.