Lucy, your book, Moon Time, is monumental. I cannot tell you how long I have thought of the very things you are putting forward and to see this in print is thrilling. I am in tears with this birth of your work that is so important for women. 

Lucy, what you are doing is a great service for women. Your book joins the momentum of changing the paradigms and shifting what will come. Thank you for growing this consciousness as I see that our futures will be anchored with Red Tents for decades to come because we co-created a world where women honor themselves. For our daughters and their mothers, thank you. 

Many blessings,

ALisa Starkweather,  founder of the Red Tent Temple  Movement



Lucy is a true leader of Women. She inspires and opens our minds to new alternatives and is always one step ahead of everyone else; always overflowing with ideas that guide us back to our core self.

Lucy has taught me creative writing and yoga, organised and facilitated my Mother Blessing, welcomed me into the wonderful bosom of her Women’s Group, guided me in meditation, opened my eyes to the power of a Woman, helped me prepare for birth with Birthing From Within, inspired me to have two home births and given me invaluable advice during my journey across motherhood.

Lucy is an old soul who just knows. She has wisdom and guidance beyond her years. I am in awe of her energy to write in such a beautiful and insightful way, and her incessant drive to keep producing such ground-breaking and deliciously soul-warming material.

Amy, Ireland


Lucy reminds us of the things we “seem” to have forgotten about. She is one of the special whisperers, who helps us to remember our own power and sacredness. Through her writing she initiates a dialogue with her readers. Her writing empowers her readers to have a voice to respond. This is a remarkable gift to us.

Tracy Evans, MA researcher on women’s rites of passage, Wales


  Lucy! Let me thank you. You don’t know it but your words have healed me time and time again. In reading your blogs I feel a primitive and primal femininity, a honouring of womankind. I am so grateful to you! I just wanted to send you this to remind you of the soulful, vibrant wombyn you are.

You, sister, are what the world needs.

Gemma, UK


I feel like I have sooo much to thank you for even though I have never met you!! I want you to know you have helped me so much over the last few months. I get so much from reading your blog, and from there I found out about the wonderful Leonie Dawson (and her lovely life planner) and from her I found out about the amazing Tracy Lee Jones and her Feminine business model and from there I found so many other wonderful women doing incredible things and resources that are really helping me. So I just wanted to say a big thank you for heading me in the right direction!

Lisa, UK


‘Moon Time’ is a revelation! How could I be forty years old and know so little about a cycle that defines me? Reading this book felt like having a wise and loving older friend cherish me  whilst guiding me through my most intimate world. This newfound insight gives me the emotional vocabulary to, in turn, cherish both myself and my three future-cycling daughters. What a beautiful gift to us all!

Meadhbh O’Leary, Ireland


Your book, Moon Time, has totally changed the way I view my periods and body.”

CM, England


You know why I love you, and why I keep coming back? You have the ability to make me smile whatever my day holds, and you have a beautiful, raw take on the world that is both refreshing and enlightening. 

Zoe Foster, UK


I just want to tell you that your book Moon Time has been so important to my new mother life, that I carry it in my purse wherever I go since I have read it.

That book is my portable oasis where I can rest my soul even if I am surrounded by a crowd.

Your book gave the me the answer I was looking for since long earthquake that was for me my pregnancy. In your writing about The Crazy Woman I have finally found the key of what was happened to me.

When I was reading it I was both smiling and with tears in my eyes…I felt so grateful to you, to your wisdom and for sharing all that knowledge that felt like a piece of wood thrown to one that have shipwrecked. From my bed with my baby sleeping in my side, in the middle of the night, I’ve sent you all my gratitude for helping me bring back hope, calm, understanding of myself, and a new sense of complicity to myself, to my wild woman side.

No one hadtold me that she existed even if our ancient goddesses are at museums, feeling her crazy, screaming inside me with so much pain along my pregnancy was so scary that I couldn’t sleep for months. She has make me learnt so much from me that I will never forget that period of my life, and this new life I landed without parachute.

But having you naming her, sharing ideas of how to live with her, bring me back to my sanity and to trust myself again. Thank you for your work, your poetry and inspiration! And for the feeling of not bein alone.

Yunuen, Mexico