What is Womancraft?

This site is dedicated to Womancraft.

To teaching the ways of woman.

My intention is that this site provides guidance for you on your journey of womanhood, both from me and from other leaders in their fields and fellow walkers on the path of aware womanhood. Fully embodied womanhood. It can feel a lonely and treacherous path as a woman in a culture which does not value the qualities of womanhood.

In a civilised culture we would be initiated by our mothers and grandmothers in the art of womanhood, not left to fend for ourselves. So many of us feel confused by our mood swings and menstrual cycles, by the power and mystery of pregnancy and birth. 

It is my hope to make your journey both less lonely and haphazard by providing ample resources and support along the way.

  • To support you in your swings between the darkness and the light.
  • To help you to find your own rhythm, your own precious equilibrium.
  • To be your own beautiful, natural self…

And it is needed. Because…

Being a woman is not an illness/ disease (though many doctors have acted as though it is)

Being a woman is not a crime/sin (though many cultures and religions have acted as though it is)

Being a woman is an art/ craft (though we often do not act as though it is)

Being a woman may not come easy…

You need support…information…love…initiation into the ways of womanhood

This education is rarely given to us formally by our mothers, our grandmothers, our sisters, our teachers…

Because they are yearning for it too.

Instead we pick it up, piece by piece along the way.

With much suffering, heartbreak, depression, illness, sadness, loss…

What if there could be a different way?

What if there were a place you could come to learn, to share in the wisdom of other women who have walked this path before you? A repository of information to support you in your learning and growth – scientific wisdom… spiritual wisdom.

You have found it dear one!