Womancraft Publishing


Exciting new voices and messages are being lost in the desperate quest for guaranteed mainstream revenues. Voices that our world so desperately needs in these changing times.

Womancraft Publishing is an imprint of Lucent Word set up to support up-and-coming authors who are gestating important projects, but who may struggle to attract literary agents or ‘traditional’ publishing contracts at this stage of their careers.

We are a small team of experienced author and editor, proofreader, design and marketing expertise. We have done it ourselves. We are visioning a new way of publishing. One which polishes original voices, helping them to shine and reach a wider audience than they could by self-publishing, and whilst retaining far more of their originality than mainstream publishers would allow.

We are harnessing the benefits of new technology. Sharing profits fairly in a model we call ‘Collaborative Publishing’.
We share the hard work… and the benefits.

We understand and love the new technology almost as much as we adore books, and creative souls. We care. Deeply. And we work hard.


We are interested in:

* Books which are written for women, by women.

* Books which have strong integrity, innovative ideas, big heart, are authentic and beautifully expressed.

* Non-fiction on the whole, though exceptions are made, encompassing womens’ wisdom, women’s history, emergent women’s culture, women’s holistic health, work on the menstrual cycle, womens’ spirituality, women’s inner journeys, women’s archetypes, women’s creativity… Whilst fiction or poetry may be elements of a book, it is very unlikely that we will publish an exclusive book of either.

* Anthologies of women’s voices will be considered, but we will interact only with one main project coordinator, and financials will have to be figured out privately amongst contributors.

* Our books are text based paperbacks, if you have a highly illustrated concept, we suggest another publisher.

* We publish 4-6 books a year, so have to be very picky. We will only consider books which align with our ethos, that we believe will sell well and authors we can develop a strong collaborative working relationship with.

* All submissions will be acknowledged. We intend to respond to submissions within 8 weeks.

* We intend to turn books around from submission to launch in 4 months – this is 2-3 times faster than traditional publishers.

* We know that our service will take greater care of your work at every stage, than the majority of publishers. We provide a personal service.

Submissions – see here – emailed to info@lucentword.com


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