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Call for Submissions

Over the past months I have been approached by a number of women looking for information on a variety of topics – topics I would LOVE to see covered here, but have no personal experience of. One of the keys of The Happy Womb is valuing women’s sharing from authentic personal experience, rather than dry journalistic “expert” voices telling you what to do, feel and think. I receive almost daily requests to host content from companies and pro bloggers, but I am committed to only hosting empowering words written from women’s personal experience. So I am opening up submissions on a number of topics:

  • Endemetriosis
  • Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Transgender and Gender reassignment
  • Being born without a womb
  • Mothering your daughter into womanhood
  • Miscarriage
  • Infertility journeys
  • IVF and IUI
  • Surrogacy
  • Abortion
  • Over Active Bladder and loss of Pelvic Floor
  • Menopause and Perimenopause

Publication on The Happy Womb is not paid, but gives high exposure to your words and experiences, and supports and helps our community of women. It is promoted via all social media. Please note whilst this may be an attractive option for many bloggers, it is also open to those who have no online presence or are currently building it up. Each submission is judged on its own merits and fit with the ethos of this site. Please be assured that this is a safe space where no comments are published until approved, you are safe from trolling and aggression here. I am happy to publish work under pseudonyms if required, to protect your privacy online.

Articles should be:

  • Written from a personal perspective. Focusing on your own healing journey, self care and experience.
  • Can recommend products from a personal perspective but may not be advertorial.
  • 400-1000 words long, plus author bio and image.
  • Author bio can contain links to your other work, websites,business, books, Facebook pages.
  • Should be accompanied by at least one other image if possible.
  • All articles are subject to editing.
  • You will be notified within a week if your work has been accepted, and will be contacted later when it is published.

Submissions open to August 30th 2013. Email to Lucy (AT) the happy womb (DOT) com

I really look forward to receiving your work and sharing your words with The Happy Womb community.


The right to life

I am writing today in a somber mood. A woman has just died in Ireland (where I live) because the law of the land does not allow for abortion under any circumstance.

Presenting at hospital with a miscarriage, the doctors would not act to remove the fetus until its heartbeat had stopped, three days later. After four more days in intensive care she died of septicemia. A tragic, needless, even criminal death.

“Savita was really in agony. She was very upset, but she accepted she was losing the baby. When the consultant came on the ward rounds on Monday morning Savita asked if they could not save the baby could they induce to end the pregnancy. The consultant said, ‘As long as there is a foetal heartbeat we can’t do anything’.

“Again on Tuesday morning, the ward rounds and the same discussion. The consultant said it was the law, that this is a Catholic country. Savita [a Hindu] said: ‘I am neither Irish nor Catholic’ but they said there was nothing they could do.” (The Irish Times)

This is not about religion or politics. This is about the right to life. not just for fetuses. For women too.

We live in a baby-centric culture.

Many times when pregnant I felt invisible and unsupported by doctors and medical personnel: no more than a baby container who, through the act of impregnation, had surrendered her rights of self. It seems that when maternity strikes, a woman becomes invisible. An invisibility which continues to some extent for all of her mothering life. Despite her seemingly miraculous ability to gestate and nurture new life, she is a second class citizen.

Wherever you are on the abortion spectrum – for or against – a woman’s life is a woman’s life and to sacrifice it needlessly on the altar of religious dogma, patriarchy or disinterest is unforgivable. But not unusual.

This must change.