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A woman in her power

What does a woman in her power look like?

She is a rare creature indeed.

We women are neither taught, nor encouraged to stand in our power in our culture. Or if we do, then it is to stand in a masculine defintion of power – high grades, high powered job, high earning, physical strength…

I know what she doesn’t look like, I experience that often enough – self-doubt, burn out, apologising all the time, self sabotage, negative self talk, playing small. And I see this in so many women around me.

It seems my path to be fortunate enough to talk regularly to women who stand in their power. Whether by email or phone, I am in regular contact with wise women. And for that I am truly blessed, and grateful that my “work” nourishes me so much on every level.

Some of the women whom I have been lucky enough to connect with over the past year are

  • Ina May Gaskin (midwife and best selling author)
  • Lynn Andrews (best selling author and shaman)
  • Susun Weed (wise woman herbalist and author)
  • Pam England (midwife and best selling author of Birthing from Within)
  • Jane Hardwicke Collings (shamanic midwife and celebrant of women’s mysteries)
  • Glennie Kindred (artist and author)
  • Mara Friedman (artist)
  • Lori at Tiny Buddha (writer)
  • Amanda at Kind over Matter (writer and designer)
  • ALisa Starkweather (founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement)

And a few whom I have studied under thanks to the wonder of the internet

  • Leonie Dawson (founder of the Goddess Circle)
  • Shiloh Sophia McCloud (artist)
  • Flora Bowley (artist – Bloom True)

As one who only semi-inhabits her power, but is on the path to fully standing in it, it is a gift and an education of depth beyond words to see how these women who embody mastery and mystery are in the world. What they look like, what they sound like, how they act and speak. And it occurred to me that despite their working in different fields, coming from different backgrounds, being of different ages and callings, there were certain factors that united them.


Inanna – sculpture by Phillipa Bowers, available from

A woman in her own power:

  • Glows, she vibrates light and energy
  • Seems bigger, brighter than most other beings
  • Honours her creative urges
  • Knows her limits and her boundaries and defines them clearly but lovingly.
  • Knows her yes and her no, and uses them both the same, with love, without guilt
  • Sets her priorities according to her heart and not others expectations
  • Balances giving and receiving
  • Gives of herself and her knowledge generously
  • Knows how to recharge her energy
  • Lives a full life – full of friends, love, celebration, beauty, joy and magnificence
  • Walks the earth with glory in her heart, drinking in the beauty and magic of it all
  • Knows the dark places, has ventured there and come out with a deeper knowing and appreciation for all of life
  • Is always open to new ideas and gifts from the universe
  • Follows her intuition
  • Owns what she knows and is humble about what she doesn’t
  • Speaks in a clear, unhurried way – knowing that she has space and time to unfold and is under no pressure – unless she is full of enthusiasm – when she just bubbles over
  • Knows she makes mistakes and does not feel the need to hide them, but rather shares them with love as lessons
  • Serves those she loves with a full heart.
  • Opens herself fully to abundance
  • Is youthful in her energy and enthusiasm, yet wise and old in heart and head
  • Makes no apology for her own existence.
  • Knows her own value, and celebrates that with others.
  • Her work is prolific, expressive, deep, life changing, soulful


Celebrating the feminine – linky love


I have read some top posts on the various aspects of celebrating feminine this past week which I want to share with you.
It seems that women around the world are feeling a rise in the energy of the feminine – a rise in their power, in sensuality, in their need to claim the erotic, the dark, the forbidden. 

Women are sensing a rebirth of what has been confined to silence and shadows for centuries.

It is truly an exciting time to be a woman – to witness the feminine rising – to hear the voices of those who are speaking her truths, seeing the beauty of women embodying their deepest knowing and raising their voices.

Please do share posts and videos which have spoken to you. Let us curate a collection of the feminine together – to lift, inspire and empower us all.

  • Loving Julie Daley of Unabashedly Female described by Bridget Pilloud of Intuitive Bridge as “the holy wisdom bearer.  She is one of those people who is directly, deeply connected to the Divine and to collective consciousness.”  three of my current faves are In the Arc of Orgasm, a post on Reclaiming the Erotic on her own blog, and Being Unabashedly who you are on Productively Flourishing, from which I share a quote:

As we began to explore the question of what gets in the way of the students being fully and wholly creative, one woman spoke up about having to ‘translate’ at work. I asked her to explain. She began to talk about how she had to translate her own feminine language into language that would be ‘acceptable’ in the corporate environment. As she told her story, suddenly the other women began to nod. And then they began to say, “Me, too”. They looked at each other with wide-open eyes, beginning to understand that they weren’t alone. […]

Why do women have to translate? Because the system has been created to honor masculine ways of being, while at the same time holding feminine ways of being as anything from silly to sinful. “

“The birthing of the feminine in all her glorious forms and expressions is upon us.

She does not seek domination over the masculine.

Nor does she wish to be masculine.

She is ready to take her seat.”



Connecting to yourself

How are you feeling?

Right now, dear one. How is your inner world?

Take a moment to check in with yourself…

How is your breathing? Is it low in your belly or high in your chest?

Wriggle your toes and really root your feet into the earth. Pull your spine up, relax your shoulders and breath into your belly. Feel your power centre – how is it? Are you fully charged – or running on empty?

Where are you in your cycle, dear one? Do you know?

Do you want to feel more connected to yourself, to your body? To feel less at sea? But you don’t know how…

Are you struggling with mood swings, with cramps and headaches, with bloating and sore breasts? Are you tearful or angry for no reason?

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Woman-Song at Full Moon: Power

I feel the woman power rising. Can you?

Women putting on their glory clothes. Painting their faces, adorning their bodies in gleeful anticipation. The time is now, they feel it, they smell it, they sense it… the time they have been waiting for.

Hands join around the sacred fire. Faces flushed in the flickering light. The ceremonial drums form a communal heartbeat.

Women are finding their voices. Can you hear them being raised – from a barely audible hum to a beautiful song. A song of love, loss and beauty, a song that our mothers and grandmothers, and their mothers mothers sang so quietly in their hearts just to survive. #Now we can share it. Now we are able to sing it aloud.

Songs of creativity, of joy, of freedom, of love. Songs of possibility.

As we begin to embrace our bodies, embodying the feminine, we begin to dance, swaying our hips, circling our hands.

Full moon is rising. She speaks of power. Feminine power. Will you sing with her of your dreams, your visions?

Join with thousands of women around the world at Wilde Tribe for a beautiful women’s ceremony tonight 

For a wonderful link a detailed article on the meaning behind this month’s full moon, see the April forecast at The Power

 This month you will get to look at all things related to power. All of your old patterns, belief systems, reactions, experiences, trust or mistrust, resistance, desire, access; all of it is up for observation, recapitulation, clearing, re-defining, clarifying and re-negotiating. This is the opportunity to free yourself from your old beliefs about power and the old paradigm in which those beliefs live. You will be able to look at your self-imposed limitations, hopefully clear them, and make some bids for power this month that will move you into your next level of expansion and evolution.

Everything this month will be powerful. From events to reactions and personal experiences, everything is potentiated with a greater energy and vitality. For many of you this will come as an exciting and welcome opportunity for moving ahead with your dreams and goals. For some of you this may be a difficult time of resistance and feeling overwhelmed, especially if you are not used to handling large amounts of energy. 


A Yearning for Woman-space

I find myself yearning at this my moon time, for woman-space, for the rhythm of women, the flow. For rhythm. I find myself drawn to spirals and circles and bright colours.

I dream of a red tent, a yurt – a circle space of ornate decoration and luxuriant fabrics.Touching the earth, out in the night air. The owls hooting beyond. It is a primitive experience, a tribal memory that I have never had – one which modern day campsites or large festivals awaken but cannot fulfill.

A space where the women can gather. And sing together. And dance – silk scarves flowing in the air. Beating the drums, shaking the rattles as we shimmy our hips.

Lying on soft cushions, drinking tea. Laughing, crying. Colouring mandalas. Reading aloud to each other passages that inspire us. A fire flickering. A voice begins to sing. A sad song, of lost love and yearning. A poem is spoken and

breaths are held.

Candle light, fairy lights, tea lights – soft, gentle, magical. Showing the softness of each face, each body. Their beauty and sensitivity.
Painting bellies, hands and feet with flowing henna designs.

Here we can howl like wolves, dance naked in the moonlight.

And be, just be. Connected, beautiful, complete.


The Path of the Divine Feminine: Guest Post

My journey into the divine feminine began with a simple question, “What does it mean to be a woman?” This question surfaced from someplace deep inside me while I was in High School. At the time the only answer I received was an immense silence. But my question, not fully in the realm of consciousness, drove an underlying quest for something more. More of what I wasn’t sure. Through college and into the world of work I was restless. I knew that I wanted to hear more of women’s voices but I wasn’t sure why. Through starting a business and personal enrichment programs, I was moving forward but without a strong sense of being seated into myself. I was just doing. 

One day while at the local library I found a book on women’s health that was more than what the American Medical Association offered. It offered meaning. Dr. Christiane Northrup’s newly released Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom was speaking the language of women. It was here that I began my journey into the divine feminine.

With more visits to the library and finding more women speaking from a woman’s perspective, my question finally came into full consciousness. I finally understood that my underlying restlessness came from the silence in our culture about a woman’s experience of life. I understood that many women had felt this restlessness and that these women were finding their answers on a new path. 

Today, around the world there are women who are looking inside themselves, rejecting the cultural “male norm” standard, and instead are choosing to redefine their experiences for themselves. And they are looking outside of themselves, reconnecting with the ancient tradition of the goddess, and discovering what it looks like to have the divine feminine in balance with the divine masculine. 

The path of the divine feminine reconnects women to the innate wisdom of their bodies and the practices that honor a woman’s experience of life. It is learning to own the truth of our experience. And It is finding the courage to be seated in the power of our knowing.

I now know that my question, “What does it mean to be a woman?” was there to guide me Home. Home to my body, the path of the divine feminine is an embodied experience. Home to my mind, I no longer have to buy into a world of thought that I have no affinity for. And Home to my spirit, the divine feminine is the numinous presence in all of life. 

Embracing this path means continuing to open myself to the work of unearthing the divine feminine in my life, to deepen my understanding of the gifts of the feminine that are grounded into the elemental energies of Mother Earth, and to learn to own the power of the sacred feminine in my experience. I invite you to join me on this transformational journey. 
Linnette Dooley is the Founder of the WellSprings Women’s Program. WellSprings Women’s Program is a series of courses that speak to women in their core experiences in life, grounding them into the divine feminine, transforming a woman’s sense of self. The path of the divine feminine is for women who are seeking a deeper resonance in their lives. Website:, Facebook:

Becoming a woman

I remember the first time someone called me a woman.

It was my first boyfriend. I was 16.

He was being polite. But I knew I wasn’t.

Sure I had the woman’s body, but I was a girl inside.

I had my first child at 25. I still felt a girl inside. Though the act of birth put me in touch with my woman power in the moment.

Two more babies. Two more touchings of the woman power. But still I felt a girl. At 29 and mama to three. I would think that the neighbours must think I was their older sister 😉

It is only in the past few months I have felt a woman, become a woman, stretched into my woman-skin, inhabited my woman self.

How did it happen? Why did it happen?

I realised that it had happened, in retrospect. I felt like I filled my body fully – my large breasts and swaying hips. I fit my skirts and mama heart. I fit my moods. And I had learned to stake my claim on my own life.

To say: this is what I need. And I DO need it. And it is important. With clarity, with love, with courage, I took my own power in my own two hands and claimed it. I cut the ties I needed to cut, which for years I had trembled to touch, in fear that the world would come tumbling down. I stretched the limits of my reality and possibility. I I marked out the plot on this earth that is mine, and claimed it for my soul. Then flew my flag from the turret to signal to the other women out there that I am here, in the mother-land.

Greetings dear sisters.

When did you become a woman? How did you know you were? What did it take?