Honouring Your Crazy Woman (Audio)

1-003This recording was created for Goddess Leonie’s wonderfest of inspiration in October 2011: The World’s Biggest Summit.

Honouring your Crazy Woman is a 20 minute audio recording, especially for all those wonderful Creative Rainbow Women out there!

In it you will:

  • learn about the Crazy Woman archetype
  • begin to recognise how you treat her now
  • learn new ways of living with, and loving her!

Free to download right here: Honouring your crazy woman

To find out more about The Crazy Woman and healing PMT naturally check out my book, Moon Time.

It’s guaranteed to make your soul glow!

Here’s what women around the world are saying about Honouring Your Crazy Woman…

I got to listen to some of the World’s Biggest Summit podcasts and I want to thank you for yours! I’ve listened twice already and I want to listen again so I can really soak up everything you discussed – but my oh my did I have several AHA! moments. The driving need to create, the feeling of dying inside when I don’t get to, the self medicating with alcohol to quiet the crazy woman, the feelings of being a bad mum……..you were speaking direct to my heart. I’m still processing it all, but it was so wonderful and enlightening for me – THANK YOU!!

Michelle Millichip, founder Artisantopia, Australia

I´m writing to let you know how your words in the World Biggest Summit touched me.
It was SO strong for me to hear about the Crazy Woman! Sometimes I stopped what I was doing and just listened. I heard the audio about 2 or 3 times in sequence, in my MP3, while I was cooking the dinner.

That night, before go to bed, my kids and husband were sleeping, I sit down and made my Crazy Woman drawing. After I wrote the words associated to her. Finally I made an adapted altar with some rocks, shells and seeds and light a candle.


Next day I felt myself calmer and almost in peace. For the first time in years I felt less guilty about my terrible humor — or at least less guilty to be crazy.

Now I´m trying to nurture the great Rainbow Woman and handle the huge Crazy Woman inside me.

And so I’ve started blogging again (I used to blog before I had my kids). My first post was a detail of my Crazy Woman. I´ve been wanted to blog for so long… but I didn´t let myself until now. I´m going to keep letting myself do things that I like more often.

Thank you, Lucy!

Alessandra, Brazil http://passarim.blogspot.com/

Wow, I was blown away by your World’s Greatest Summit talk! THANK-YOU! –

Emily Segal, USA

Boggling at @DreamingAloudNt‘s #WBS talk on the Crazy Woman. I literally froze in motion with recognition. Powerful stuff there! 

Elli di Julio, USA

Just heard you on the #worldsbiggestsummit. Fabulous! Beatuifully spoken, thank you!

RM Allen, Ireland

I just listened to your presentation and loved it! You are a wonderful speaker and I learned a lot from you today……….thank you so much for helping me tap into my crazy woman and invite her in 🙂
Gina Rifkind, USA

Lucy! I just listened to your talk, I loved it! Well done for getting it out there! It was so nice to put a voice to your words after so many years of reading Juno, I love the tiny hints of Irish coming through! I will certainly sit down for a cup of tea with my crazy woman next time she pops round (as she so often does – hello too long without a break childcare!) I had tears in my eyes for much of it Lucy, definitely what I needed to hear today!

Anna, UK

Today I connected with Lucy Pearce and her discussion of Rainbow Woman and Her Dark Side. When I had small children I didn’t have a circle of women to help me or remind me about my creativity and I fell into the darkness and depression. Fortunately I have come through all that and am moving daily towards my most radiant self!

Loran, loransheart.com, USA

Lucy – I am just finished listening to your talk about the Crazy Woman, and I am so profoundly touched. She is visiting me now and I have been in a serious dip. right before I listened I had been writing about this in my journal and while listening to you I grabbed my collage box and the scissors and created this in my journal about halfway through your talk.

Tina Robbins, USA


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