Moon Time Chart

For many women their menstrual cycles are shrouded in mystery.

Often we can feel overwhelmed and confused by the seeming turbulence of our female bodies and unpredictability of our moods.

My Integrated Moon Chart combines the biological and spiritual aspects of your cycle to give you a deeper understanding of your own rhythms, so that you can find balance within yourself.

Download your free Integrated moon chart  here!

For greater detail on the archetypes of your cycle, see my book Moon Time: A Guide to Celebrating Your Menstrual Cycle (available in e-book and paperback book from this website, or via It also contains comprehensive resources on:

  • healing PMS naturally
  • self-care rituals for menstruation
  • charting your cycle
  • celebrating your daughter’s impending womanhood
  • creating a red tent
Here’s what women are saying about it:

“Lucy Pearce weaves a moon-web that draws in the many other women who have written on the subject of menstrual cycles and places herself as one, amongst others.  Her open and accessible book offers practical, often humorous ideas and encouragement about how we can tune into our own cycles and ‘dance’ with them in the most creative and healthy way.  

She is one of the special whisperers, who helps us to remember our own power and sacredness as played out in our cycles. Through her writing she initiates a dialogue with her readers. Her writing empowers her readers to have a voice to respond. This is a remarkable gift to us.”

Tracy Evans, PhD researcher on women’s rites of passage, University of Aberystwyth

“Moon Time is a beautifully written resource for deepening your connection with your cycle. Full of personal heartfelt suggestions, simple rituals and practical ways to support women in understanding the influence their hormones have on them each month.

This book could change your life!”

Rachael Hertogs, Thirteen Moons

“You have my full blessing to bring forward this consciousness among women where we can put back into our culture a way to support and respect ourselves. By doing this, so much change will happen. Thank you for your work in this.” 

ALisa Starkweather, founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement

Moon Time: A Guide to Celebrating Your Menstrual Cycle is available in e-book (Jan 2012) and paperback book (Feb 2012) from this website, or via

Also available are e-booklets on red tents, PMS and menarche.



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