The Happy Womb Visualisation


I invite you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine your womb…

What did you see? What did you feel?

Chances are you don’t have a clear image in your head of your womb. So much of what we know comes from fuzzily recalled primary coloured scientific diagrams from school biology classes or childbirth preparation books.

Or yucky images on gory TV shows.

But what about your own womb. How does it feel to you, right now, in this moment?

How do you imagine it looks? Do you flinch at the thought? Are you squeamish? Embarrassed?

What does the womb represent to you?

A sacred space. A fertile place. A place of pain and trauma. An irrelevance. Your seat of power?

I invite you to place your hands on your womb, your index and middle fingers together, your thumbs together, to make a heart. Place this over your womb, between your belly button and the top of your bikini line. Hold your hands there and breathe in through your nose, slowly. Breathe out, slowly, calmly through your mouth.  Feel your womb. Imagine it beginning to glow, very faintly at first. But each breath brings oxygen to the fire, and your womb glows brighter and brighter. This is your crucible of female power, your potential, your fertile self. Breathe in love and care.

And then rest for a few moments. Holding this precious part of yourself beneath your hands. Give thanks for the gifts that it brings you. Rest with this image of this heart beneath your hands. This pink, pulsating, warm, human, living womb-heart at the centre of yourself. Hidden potential, hidden nurturance, hidden love.

Cherish it. Cherish yourself, dear one.



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