Moon Dial

Moon DialThe moon dial mandala is a beautiful, practical tool for charting your cycle. It makes a wonderful accompaniment to my Moon Time book and comes highly recommended as a way to become more familiar with your cycle and symptoms and how they correlate to the moon.

  • Full colour
  • 45cm diameter
  • Comes with a wipe clean pen for noting your symptoms and dates.
  • 4 rotating dials
  • The outer dial tracks the days of your cycle, the next the moon’s phases, then months, and the inner dial gives affirmations for the four women’s archetypes.
  • On the reverse is a detailed explanation of moon cycles and the menstrual archetypes
  • A supplementary sheet explains which oils and crystals support each stage of your cycles.
  • Simple to use, beautiful to look at.


Watch a short demo video of how to use one here…