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The Hypocrisy of Images

I have just been “cleansing” my Pinterest account from illicit images at their request – “it looks like the pin may have had nudity on it.” Pinterest prohibits content that is “is sexually explicit or contains nudity, partial nudity or pornography…We don’t allow nudity—photos that show breasts, buttocks or genitalia on Pinterest.”

The threats are real – the closing of your account if you do not comply. I understand their reasoning – I have come across some of the most horrible porn on Pinterest which has no right being there.So now we know that I’m not advocating Porntrest… let me puzzle something out with you.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I am “allowed” to keep on my boards like the Goddess,  Mother Love and The Happy Womb boards… so for example genitals are not allowed – but how about cupcakes made to look like genitals?

Vagina Cupcakes - Multiracial and anatomically correct. Perfect snacks for afterwards...

So am I allowed this? It LOOKS like a yoni… but it’s not, it’s an aerial photograph of the Earth!

Great Mother's Sacred Yoni

It’s not to do with being “sexually alluring”, because that happens everywhere with clothes on, that is the norm in our twisted society. Women looking sexual, erotic  to sell everything from shower gel to cars. I have already dumped some beautiful goddess woman images before I thought to share them with you here, which because they were bare-breasted, though not in the least “erotic” would come under the ban.

So  went for a trawl through Google to find some images… the sort which would be doing the rounds, totally above board, on the likes of Pinterest. There are LOTS of women in figure revealing dresses, underwear and swim wear on the fashion pages…

This would be allowed, because she’s wearing a bra to cover her (evil) breast flesh and nipple. So even though we can see the OUTLINE of her breast shape, and the COLOUR of the fabric is the same as her skin… I’m guessing it’s OK…So when they say no breasts… what I think they mean is no nipples…

Oh, sorry, female nipples...I think we’ve been here before! So this is OK, because he has a penis. (Which we are not allowed to see).

But this would not be OK…

Or this I think…

Everybody came out of the body of a woman, and that should not be forgotten, or be frightening'  -By Nan Goldin

Because they don’t have a penis. Now the reality is I don’t think ANYONE, male, female, young or old would find these images offensive or sexual. They are simply the human body doing its thing (I guess you could argue sex is too, but usually those images are there to titillate and arouse and are, therefore, “adult”, which is fair enough.)

But – it depends on your medium, because this is OK

Because it’s sculpture. Not REAL flesh. It’s by Rodin. So it’s ART people.

And this…

is just fine too I think. Because it’s a painting… (by a man…)

So it’s just real women’s bodies that are offensive?

Ah, OK! We’re back to that basic argument of women’s flesh is bad methinks! In the digital age, nothing it seems has changed.